I make content about Linux, Homelabs, software development and more. I use this site as the official repository for content I post.

The Name

My name is obviously not Grumpy, but I opted to use this alias for this content. I originally posted things under my real name, but after some things grew in popularity I didn’t particularly want people knowing my name or other details.

I’m sure at some point my anonymity will be broken, but for now it’s a fun experiment to try and maintain privacy in environments that usually don’t give much privacy.

My Content

I create content that’s intended to be platform neutral. I understand that these platforms aren’t the most stable of things, and archiving things I do on a neutral format seems like the best way to ensure I can platform hop as needed.

All code is released under some open source license. It should be distributed with the project. Videos, text on this site, etc is released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

If you’re interested in commercial distribution of my non-source code material, reach out.

Contacting Me

The best way is to use one of the social media links on my homepage.

Code, Etc.

All the content on this site is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0.

Some code samples may have different licenses attached to them. If no other license is specified, the above license applies.